Galaxy Sport Watch Leaks Rapid Changes from Samsung Gear Series


Taking place on February 20, the “Unpacked” event is probably one of the most anticipated occasions of 2019. We all expect the release of several Samsung devices as well as its new S10 flagship. We hope that wearables will not be an exception.

The company is said to release its newest Galaxy Sport gear that will differ from all other wearables and smartwatches Samsung has ever presented before. Users are getting used to typical gear sets that have hardly changed since the first introduction back in 2013 with the exception of some slight iterations. This time the South Korean manufacturer will bring something totally different to the market of wearables.

Unlike many previous devices featuring the rotating bezel, the new galaxy Sport will have a circular screen with two circular buttons located on the sides of the wearable to switch between various applications or modes. It seems like the company is planning to get back to its origins.

Despite different leaks and spy shots, it is still unclear about the way the rear side of the watch will look like. On the other hand, we might expect different sensors that can be found in some of the previous versions. For instance, the new device may have a heart rate tracking sensor in addition to GPS navigation, step counter, a sleeping activity sensor, etc. Moreover, the new device is rumored to have NFC payment functionality.

As for the brand new features that will let Galaxy Sport stand out from its predecessors, they may include Bixby Reminders. The system works as a smart voice assistant based on Samsung patented voice recognition technology. Good news is that the smartwatch will not require a connection to a smartphone. It is expected to come with a virtual SIM letting users make phone calls on the go.