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Android 9.0 is a new version of Android, which Google introduced in 2018.

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With every new Android version, the developers, of course, come up with a lot of new features and functions. The goal behind this is to provide the user with an even better, more intuitive, and intelligent user experience.

The updated operating system called Pie is already available for download to owners of Samsung's smartphones. The operating system has a completely new home screen, lock page, as well as a completely redesigned interface and application design.

Form design is called Material Neo.
Android Pie brings an updated interface to compatible devices with an improved menu of multitasking, support for control gestures like the iPhone X, as well as deeper compatibility with neural networks that provide intelligent management of smartphone resources.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent learning is One focus of the new Android 9 Pie.

Looking at the new features of Android 9, it is immediately apparent what great importance the developers have attached to the further development of artificial intelligence. Learning individual usage patterns and tailoring certain functions plays an essential role in the new Android 9.0 Pie.

With the smartphone's continuous use, the Android 9 operating system adapts itself better and better to personal usage habits.

This starts with power management. In the form of a "smart battery," Android uses artificial intelligence to analyze which of the installed apps are actually used and which are not.
Based on this, the intelligent battery adjusts energy management so that an improved cell phone battery endurance can be achieved.

The new Android now also takes the user's personal preferences into account when adjusting the display brightness - such as using the blue light filter.
In addition to adapting to external lighting conditions, Android Pie now also remembers the personal preferences in terms of screen brightness. So after setting this manually a few times, Android knows which brightness settings the software has to adjust according to the user's personal preferences.

However, one of the most exciting innovations in the field of artificial intelligence takes place in-app usage.
Because Android 9 Pie forecasts your next steps of usage, through machine learning, Android Pie knows which actions you prefer to perform in certain situations and suggests them to you.
This makes the app usage on your beloved Samsung smartphone even more efficient.

Want some examples? Suppose you connect your headphones to your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. In that case, a small window will open on the Samsung screen, which will take you directly to your most recently listened to Spotify playlist or your favorite podcast.

If you make your way to work in the morning, the smartphone suggests opening Google Maps with preset navigation to the workplace. And during working hours, the new Android system provides a direct link to note programs for meetings or frequently contacted work contacts.

Android 9.0 Pie: More intuitive operation leads to time savings.

Android also makes full use of the existing potential for improvement in terms of more comfortable and more intuitive operation with the new update Android 9.0 Pie.

Instead of selecting buttons, the navigation of apps via Android 9.0 Pie also works via gesture control. With the help of simple "swipe gestures," users of the Android operating system can now switch between different apps even faster, open app menus, or display an overview of all open apps.

The apps themselves' functions are also found and selected more intuitively and quickly thanks to a new Android feature called "Slice." 

For example, if you search for a cab on Google, the system directly accesses the installed transport apps' information and shows you the distance to the nearest cab from your current location. Information is also provided on how long it will take to reach the desired destination and the cost of the journey. Thanks to the new function, it only takes a few clicks from the search query to execute an action matching the search.

More conscious smartphone use through "Digital Wellbeing" - Android 9

Under the keyword "Digital Wellbeing," Android wants to introduce more attentiveness into the everyday digital life with the new update. 

Higher transparency regarding the own usage behavior should lead to more conscious handling of the smartphone, social networks, and other mobile Android applications. The development of a cell phone addiction can thus be recognized early and treated if necessary.

Who is not familiar with the following scenario? You would like to go to bed early. Just before you go to bed, your last glance falls on your Samsung cell phone and before you know it, "checking the smartphone" turns into a full hour of Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. 

And even if your Samsung smartphone is finally placed next to your bed, the Android device calls for attention by continually flashing and vibrating.

The new "Wind Down" function in the Android version helps the user curb unwanted sleeping habits.

The cell phone display automatically turns grey just in time for the individually adjustable "going to bedtime" in the evening, while at the same time, all notifications are suspended. Instead of permanent distraction, this function helps you to finally get a restful and undisturbed night's sleep at the right time.

Among the apps, social media portals are the worst time-eaters for most users. To keep a better eye on the time spent on Facebook, Instagram, and other apps, Android 9 Pie introduces a practical tool. An arranged dashboard shows an overview of how much time you spend with each app and application. This way, real-time wasters are identified in no time.

The dashboard also provides additional information on how often you check your smartphone per day and how many notifications are received. Such statistics are often thought-provoking and can, therefore, encourage a more conscious approach to smartphone use.

Now you can check for updates and download the latest Android Pie firmware for your Samsung phones in this section of our website.



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Android Pie 9 August 6, 2018

Android Pie 9 August 6, 2018

  • New gesture-based navigation
  • Revised quick settings
  • New button for display rotation in the navigation bar
  • New notification options
    Support of Smartphone Notches
  • Optimization of text markers, screenshots, energy-saving mode, "Neural Networks," HDR and HEIF codecs, volume control
  • Background access to the camera, microphone, and sensors were no longer possible. This change restricts the functionality of anti-theft applications.
  • Current security patch status: October 2020
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