Issue etching sm-g935v firmware to sd card


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Any help out there?

so my issue is that ive locked myself out of my s7 edge (thanks to googles FRP lock...ugh...) so im trying to reinstall the firmware using an sd card. ive downloaded the latest (and hopefully correct) firmware, courtesy of this site, but when i go to etch the zip file onto my micro sd card, using the balena etcher ive download, i keep getting the error message;
"Something went wrong while opening file [VZW-G935VVRS4BRC3_G935VVZW4BRC3-20180404 (1).zip],
Error, invalid comment length expected 12, found 0"

ive redownloaded the file twice now, and i keeping getting that error everytime i try to open the file to etch it onto the sd card. Any ideas what this is all about? the internet research ive done (im fairly new to all this) suggests that the file itself is messed up or corrupt somewhere.