Galaxy X Foldable Phone Release Date Has Been Announced


At last, we know when the anticipated Samsung Galaxy Foldable phone will get on stock. Although the company has not officially confirmed the release date, according to its YouTube channel, the next gen handset will make its debut during the Unpacked event as it was previously reported.

The Unpacked event will take place on February 20. It is expected to unveil the anticipated Galaxy S10 flagship. Moreover, the event might release some other anticipated Samsung upcoming including the Galaxy Sport smartwatch as well as Bugs headphones and some other devices.

According to the official YouTube video,the South Korean manufacturer will unfold the future of mobile devices the same day. We have already witnessed plenty of teasers and promotion videos showcasing some of the handset's possible features to expect as well as its design. The new Foldable Phone claims to start the revolution on the mobile market.

The new device is heard to have an inward-facing new gen display that can be opened like a book. It might get a smaller or pop-up camera the same as in Galaxy S90. Some sources say that the basic version of the F phone will get on stock starting from £1,380. It will feature 5G connectivity and some other unique functions.

The new handset may let Samsung become the first producer to settle in the niche of first ever foldable phones. It can turn out to be a crucial handicap, as Xiaomi and Huawei are also reported to work on the same class of smartphones that are believed to change the consumers' mobile industry.