Sistema operativo Android 10 per telefoni Samsung

Android 10 is the latest version of the Android operating system. It is the 10th major release of Android and the 17th version of Android OS. The beta version of Android 10 was released by Google on March 13, 2019, under the name Android Q exclusively for Pixel phones. Then came the Beta 3 version on May 7, 2019, and this was offered to 14 partner devices. Google came out with 6 different beta versions of this new OS before launching the Android 10 operating system. One of the most popular clients of Android is Samsung, one of the world-beaters when it comes to Android-powered Smartphones. If you are a Samsung fan, you are sure to come across a lot of models of Samsung Android 10 phones in the open and online markets.

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Features and Functions of Android 10

If you have found using Samsung smartphones very easy and intuitive, it is all because of Android. As Google’s mobile operating system has been changing versions, the use of Android has become more proficient on the phones. Now, with the latest Android 10 Samsung phones, you get to enjoy a whole pack of new features that is out of this world. The Samsung Experience 10 was a huge hit when it was made available for the Galaxy S7, S8, S9, and Note 9 users with the Android Oreo platform. The S10 Android 10 and the Note 9 Android 10 users can enjoy even better and special features.

The features that you get to enjoy when using Android 10 Galaxy s10 or other compatible Samsung phones are given below. Unfortunately, no Galaxy S8 Android 10 update is on the cards.

1. Edge to Edge Gesture Navigations

New gestures can be enjoyed using Samsung S10 Android 10 in addition to the three-button options in the navigation bar. In the Android 10 Samsung Galaxy S10, users can swipe up from the screen’s bottom to access home and swipe from left to right to go back. Swiping up and holding for a couple of seconds will provide access to the recently opened applications. Use this swipe up diagonally from right bottom and hold for a couple of seconds on the Android 10 S10 to turn on the Google Assistant. Sadly, Samsung S8 Android 10 update is not to happen in the near future and users will miss out on such attractive features.

2. Dark Theme

The best feature to happen to the Android 10 Samsung S10 Plus phones is the addition of the dark theme. This is best for the eyes and also increases battery life. It is a true black theme and changes the way the popular Google apps like photos, calendar, etc., looks. This dark black mode can be activated on the Android 10 S10 Plus by turning on the battery save option or through a quick tile setting.

3. Location Controls

The S9 Android 10 users have control over the location data sharing with the apps. They can choose from any of the never, always, or when the app in use options. There is no Android 10 Samsung S8 updates announced by the company as of yet and this feature will not work on S8 devices.

4. Privacy Controls

The Android 10 Note 9 slated to arrive in January 2020 is loaded with privacy options to make the phone very safe and secure. The privacy settings are all in one place for quick access. The users are given the option to decide on the kind of data that the apps can store and for how long the data can be stored. The Android 10 Note 8 users and other compatible Samsung phones can also opt-out of ad retargeting and personalization.

5. Live Caption

The Samsung S9 Android 10 update will happen in January 2020. With this, the phone will become so smart that it can now caption the videos, podcasts, and audio messages across the various supported apps on the phone automatically. It will also come out with live captions for the videos that you record on the phone and this feature will work without any mobile or Wi-Fi data.

6. Focus Mode

The Galaxy S9 Android 10 updates will happen in January 2020. The phone users can use this feature to give importance to the apps that they want to use and temporary paused to the other apps on the phone. It also provides the option to turn off the distracting app with just a tap.

7. Sound Amplifier

This is a useful feature for anyone looking to adjust the sound settings of their Android 10 Samsung Galaxy S9 in busy and noisy surroundings. The sound can be boosted or the background noise can be filtered to hear clearly when talking to a friend, listening to a lecture or while watching TV.

8. Security Updates

From January 2020 Android 10 Galaxy S9 users can enjoy better security updates to keep their phones safe and secure. They will enjoy faster and easier updates as the Google Play system updates will send the privacy and security fixes directly to your phone like the app updates.

9. Smart Reply for Messaging Apps

One of the interesting features that all Samsung users who have access to use Android 10 OS can enjoy is the smart reply to a message. It can predict what you would be saying in response to a message and this feature will be made available across all messaging apps. This will be a boon for everyone who is active on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. The S8 Android 10, Note 8 Android 10 support is not available now.

10. Family Links

These are tools that allow the parents to guide their children to play, learn, and explore the internet. They can check out the apps that their kids install and also see the usage of these apps. The parents have access to set the screen time limits, time for viewing specified apps, bedtime for the device, etc.

Android 10 Updates for Various Samsung Devices

  • Android 10 S9, Note 9: January 2020 (India and UK), December 2019 (US), April 2020 (Israel).
  • Galaxy Android 10 S10, Galaxy S10 Plus: January 2020 (Israel), December 2019 (France, India, UAE, UK, Spain, Russia, Bangladesh).
  • Android 10 Galaxy S8: Not made available.
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