Samsung Pay Started the Charity Campaign in Partnership with Mastercard


The Korean Company has surprised the world with its recent initiative. This time it supports the great Charity Campaign that takes place in the UK in honor of the World Food Day. The main idea is to donate school meal for children in need. It means that every time you travel by Transport for London or National Rail Services and pay for it with Samsung Pay, one meal will be provided for needy schoolchildren.

But everything is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. The idea will become a reality only in case the traveler is using a Mastercard, while the majority of financial offices choose rather Visa Credit cards. Anyway, it’s the first important event that is supported by London’s Transport network and will last for about three weeks until November 6.

Speaking about Samsung Pay, the new payment service has been presented in the United Kingdom this year. It is already used by a few leading banks and other financial organizations. The new technology provides an opportunity to pay for goods and services using the contactless cards.