The New Steps of Samsung towards the 5G Technology


There is no doubt that in the nearest future the world will be impressed with innovative 5G technology which is already being developed with the participation of the Korean giant. The first 5G wireless access has been recently realized in the UK. They were just the first experiments, but it’s said that Samsung has already made an agreement with Cisco and Verizon to continue the testing. As it has become known, the first attempts of the company towards the development of 5G technology were taken in India.

Nowadays it is officially reported that Samsung realizes their ideas in the biggest development center in Bengaluru. The R & D center is a place of great importance. It doesn’t only work on the local needs, but also provides innovative developments that have a global value. By the way, the essential part of Bixby development was realized in this very center as well. What is more, the local experts have adapted it for a number of Indian dialects to provide the simplicity of use.

Although it will take time to surprise the consumers with a new product, it’s already clear that the huge achievements of Samsung in the sphere of 5G technology will make the company even more powerful and valuable.