Don’t Miss a Chance to Protect Your Samsung Note 8 with a Secure Wi-Fi Service


It’s not a secret already that the recent Krack exploit has caused a lot of problems with the devices that can be connected to the Wi-Fi. It means that while your smartphone or tablet is connected to the wireless network, there is a great risk that it can be attacked by hackers.

So, the Korean company has done its best to deal with this awkward issue. Now the owners of the Galaxy Note 8 will have an opportunity to use the new option that is named ‘Secure Wi-Fi’ to protect their devices. It is not an absolutely new feature as this VPN service has been available for Samsung’s ‘J’ series handsets before. This option will allow the users to browse the internet as well as transmit any data via public Wi-Fi and not to be afraid of hackers.

The company is ready to provide about 250MB of secure internet free of charge, although this option won’t be available in every region. There is a chance to get unlimited secure access but get ready that it will cost about €1 for a day or €2 for a month. According to the fresh reports of those who have already tested this function, the service has become available due to McAfee. The users can choose the application that need to use the secure wireless network.

So, don’t waste the time and protect your device right now. Just go to the smartphone’s settings, find ‘Connections’, choose ‘Wi-Fi’ and tap then ‘Secure Wi-Fi’. After that you will have to follow some instructions to have the work done. There is a possibility that this feature is still unavailable for your Note 8, so you’ll just have to wait for the next update.