Fresh Feature -Turning off Animation Thanks to One UI and Android Pie


If you wish a Smartphone to work really fast, Samsung proposes to use a new feature in Android Pie. There is no need to activate options of a developer to disable animation in the UI.

It is a well-known fact, if a user wishes to make his device work faster, deactivate animation of an interface. Now, all owners of Galaxy S9S can do it, going to Advanced features and finding an option- Reducing of animation. If you activate it, you will get rid of a lot of animations on the phone. But, note, that to delete everything will be impossible, because a Korean giant decided to leave some animation in order to make interface more pleasant.

It is interesting to mention that Samsung introduced almost the same function on phones that run Oreo 8.1. Users could find it in Accessibility menu- Vision.

A Korean company tries to introduce a lot of useful options to please its clients, so we will definitely know about other interesting innovations and functions in the nearest future that are going to see the world with the fresh software.