One UI Introduces a Fresh Feature - Trash Bin in a Photo Gallery


Android Pie continues to surprise users and introduces an interesting and useful feature Trash bin. Now, all owners of Galaxy S9 have a chance to remove unnecessary photos into the bin, instead of deleting them. Images will be stored in the trash for two weeks and then deleted afterwards.

It is possible to restore photos from the trash, just find a button with several dots in a pictures tab.

How to activate a bin in a Gallery?

It is very easy to activate a new feature. The first time you wish to delete a photo, you will be proposed to enable a recycle bin option. It is also possible to activate it in Gallery application Settings.

After two weeks all images in the bin will be removed, so make sure that you restored necessary files in time. In case you are using card MicroSD for keeping video flies and photographs, you will have to clean the trash bin manually before removing a card.

No doubts, One UI from Samsung is going to provide a lot of interesting features to Galaxy S and various devices from a Korean company.