Samsung Saved a Leading Position of a Smartphone Manufacturer


It is not a secret that a Korean giant is among the leading makers of phones and it was able to save this position in 2018. Samsungs world’s market share is 20% in the third quarter of this year. The latest reposts inform that a company exported around 73 million of mobile phones within three months. A number is really impressive and it is higher than in the previous quarter. If to compare results of this year and the last one, a world’s share of market was 12% higher in 2017, but still Samsung is among top Smartphone manufacturers.

A Korean company exported around 84 million of devices last year and got 20% of the total market.

One of the Main Samsungs Rivals is Huaweii

Of course launching of Galaxy Note 9 influenced rate of sales in Q3 of this year and it is obvious, but one of the main Samsungs rivals demonstrates really impressive results, sales of Huaweii continue to grow. A market share of a Chinese manufacturer is increasing all the time and reached 32% in the third quarter of this year, in comparison with the last one. A company was able to ship about 54 million of devices within 90 days and got 13% of the worlds market. A third place belongs to one more popular manufacturer- Apple with the market share 12%. Its position is stable. Then go such Smartphone makers as Xiaomi and Vivo with around 8%.

Xiaomi was a leading mobile phones supplier in India in Q2, but a situation changed this quarter and this position belongs to Samsung. It is not a secret that a Chinese manufacturer was the most popular Smartphone maker there in the beginning of 2018. Now, a Korean giant returned its leading position and is a biggest seller of phones not only in Asian, but in European and African countries.