Samsung Electronics is Among the Biggest Research and Development Spenders in the World


PwC reported that Samsung Electronics is on the fourth place among companies which spent the most means on research and development during 24 months period. It became known that a Korean Giant spent around $ 15 billion and got the fourth position, like in the previous year. Investments of a company grew by almost 7 %.

The first place belongs to a well-known Amazon, it spent about $23 billion on Research and development. Then goes Alphabetic with $16 billion, a third place belongs to Volkwagen with $15,7 billion. The fifth is Intel, then go such world famous companies as Microsoft and Apple.

Samsung El is among the most innovative companies

Samsung also got a title of the one of the most innovative companies. It was positioned on the sixth place after Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet.

A title of the most innovative corporation belongs to Apple. Though investments of a Korean giant in research and development are quite big, it is necessary to mention that Samsung is more diversified in comparison with other leading spenders mentioned in the list.