Galaxy A 50 is Going to Have Exynos 9610 and Android 9 Pie


Korean company is going to produce a lot of Galaxy A devices. One of such Smartphones appeared on a benchmark site. A device that would probably be a future A50 will run Android Pie and is going to boast with Exynos 9610.

Middle class Smartphone with Android Pie

It is interesting to mention that these two specifications are really impressive. A Korean company has never used such powerful Exynos and Pie for a middle class device. Only Galaxy S Smartphones can boast with Pie from a box. There is info that Galaxy A50 will see the world a little bit later than a flagship S10.But, from another side, It is known that Samsung is trying to raise its sales and is looking for all possible ways doing it, so it will not be surprising if an A device will be launched even earlier than a future flagship Smartphone.

If to speak about Exynos 9610, of course it will be a little bit better than the previous version 7885. It goes with the random access memory 4 GB.

A fresh A 50 Smartphone will probably have a long-awaited Infinity screen. It is unknown at the moment if it has a cutout in a corner or a center. More information about the upcoming device will be known the other day.