A Korean Company is Introducing the Biggest Onyx LED Screen in the One of Chinese Cinemas


amsung is installing new Onyx LED screens to change the older projection ones, which were used in various theatres all over the globe. Such displays saw the world the first time last year in Korea, and then they were installed in some American, Austrian, German and Indian cinemas.

A Korean giant continues to advertise its novelties and demonstrated the biggest Onyx LED at the one of Chinese cinemas in the beginning of this month. The original version of a screen was 1,5 times smaller in width. The fresh model is 14m in width. A manufacturer informs that they produced a larger variant of a screen to satisfy growing business and consumers demands and to gain more profit.

Onyx Display is a complex solution

Installing a new screen, a company underlined a necessity in using bigger cinema screens all over the world. A fresh model boasts with a lot of interesting and new features like resolution 4K, perfect contrast and brightness and HDR. More than that, it’s incredible Sound system can guarantee fascinating experience to viewers.

Representative of a Korean giant informed that they were providing a new generation of cinema screens around the world. They were glad to cooperate with Chinese Capital Cinema in order to demonstrate new quality standards for images on large screens.