Frame TV from a Korean Giant is Getting Fresh Artworks


s not a secret that a Korean company produces a lot of home appliances. Its Frame TVs became really popular on the market and can be used like the real pieces of art, when owners don’t use them for watching movies. Samsung demonstrated such a unique TV a first time in 2017, later, a newer model saw the world in summer of this year. It boasts with many useful features like an Art Store, where you can find numerous paintings from well-known museums and art galleries.

Art Store from a Korean giant includes really impressive amount of works from all over the world. Everyone can find something to their taste. One can easily get an access to more than 1000 paintings and various photographs. To get them, you just have to pay per one unit or there is a chance to receive a subscription.

An Art Store is getting more than 60 fresh works of art thanks to collaboration with Italian galleries and museums that are located in Netherlands.

Fans of Leonardo da Vinci, Rosso Fiorentino, Vincent van Gogh and many other outstanding artists will be able to find their works on the one of the biggest art platforms from Samsung.

Representative of a Korean giant said that Frame TV became very popular and a company would continue expanding an art gallery to please users from different countries. Samsungs product can change the way people perceive the surrounding world and novelties. To improve home décor, owners of Frame TVs will have a chance to enjoy the rarest masterpieces from popular artists without leaving their homes.