Frame TVs from Samsung will Get Rid of LED Displays


Samsung is not only about smartphones and tablets. The company does its best to provide excellent home appliances as well. Samsung’s TVs are popular around the world due to the great smart options as well as fantastic image quality. There is also a special lineup that consists of so-called The Frame and Serif TV specially designed to be a part of home décor. Unfortunately, the unique design has become the only advantage of the mentioned TVs while their picture quality leaves much to be desired. That’s because these models come with LED displays while many other Samsung products have QLED panels.

Even the latest lineup of Frame TVs that was presented half a year ago has got a number of important improvements but still misses QLED displays. But it seems that Korean giant will finally solve this question. According to the recent reports, Samsung is going to present the fresh Frame and Serif TV versions that will possess not only important smart options but the desired QLED panels as well. It means that décor-focused TVs will finally get much better image quality and will impress the consumers with deeper colors and more contrast. Perhaps that’s all what concerns the latest improvements.

The company is planning to add more artworks to Frame Art Store and make The Serif TV more popular among the consumers. Previously this very model was only presented in furniture stores but from the next year it will become available at electronics shops as well. Nowadays technical characteristics and modern design have become indispensable parts of modern TVs. So, the main idea of Samsung Company is to bring more colors and stylish features to our daily life with the latest Frame TVs.