A Korean Giant is Going to Launch a 5G Smartphone for Verizon Next Year


There were a lot of rumors about a fresh device that will boast with 5G. It was reported that it would be Galaxy S10, available in the US. All Fans of Korean phones will be able to purchase it from Verizon.

Though specifications of a handset are unknown at the moment, Verizon and a Korean company informed that they are going to launch a fresh 5G device next year. A new Smartphone will have to see the world till the end of spring. Companies don’t name Galaxy S10, although there are not doubts that it will be exactly this device.

A lot of American carriers have plans to use 5G in 2019. Korean colleagues have not only done it in 2018, but have already made a first 5G video call with the help of a device from Samsung.

Verizon and its Korean partner are going to attend QUALCOMM’s Snapdragon Tech Summit that will take place in the beginning of December. It is known that Samsung works on modem 5G, it will be in devices with Exynos 9820.

Commercial service 5G has been launched by Verizon in America but only for local broadband. Network 5G for Smartphones will start operating in the beginning of 2019. Verizon claims that a new technology will grow really fast. An American carrier promises that all owners of Samsungs 5G handset will be pleasantly surprised by the speed and work of a net.

There is really little possibility that all these talks are about another device. It will definitely be a fresh Galaxy S 10 with the support of 5G. Companies have not named a device, because a Smartphone is not official at the moment. A Korean company has plans to bring to light Galaxy S 10 only in about two months. Shipping of a device will begin not earlier than March.