DSLR Photo Was Used to Advertise a Camera of Galaxy A 8 Star


It is a well-known fact that many companies use DSLR images to demonstrate Smartphones cameras. A lot of famous brands were caught stealing images and a Korean company is not an exception. Of course it is better to learn from your mistakes, but Samsung probably has another opinion.

It is informed that Samsung Malaysia used a DSLR photograph to demonstrate capabilities of A8 Star camera. A little bit earlier, representatives of a Korean giant from Brazil were also mentioned showing stock photos, instead of one’s, made by Galaxy A8 Star.

DSLR photos were used to promote a camera of one of devices

One can find a lot of images on the official page of Galaxy A8 Star. Of course, you may think that all of them were made by this device, but it is not so. It became known that one of photos was made with the help of a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera. A photograph was shot and sold by one lady, using EyeEm. She was very surprised to see her portrait on the official site of Samsung, saying that it was shot with the help of their device.

There are two versions of an image on the site, with the blurred and a sharp background. A blurred one is probably showing abilities of bokeh. Some may think that it is a dishonest promotion, but if a company doesn’t write that a shot was made by a definite device, an image can be named a reference one. If such episodes surface in the future again and again, it will definitely have a negative influence on a company’s reputation.