Get Ready to Take Slow Motion Videos with Samsung’s A7


Soon after top Samsung flagships, the budget-friendly devices have started to receive the latest updates as well. This very information will be useful for the owners of Galaxy A7: as soon as the firmware of your device is updated, you can enjoy slow motion video mode that has been an anticipated feature so far. It’s important to notice that mentioned smartphone really stands out among other Samsung devices.

It comes with a triple rear camera module and has wide-angle lens. What is more, it is the first handset from the Korean company that finally received an improved side mounted fingerprint scanner.

That is the first update that has become available for smartphone since it was presented to the public. So, besides slow-motion video mode, the A7 will also get new security patch as well as some other improvements. However, the improved recording mode is still the most important change brought by the recent update.

As soon as the firmware of your Galaxy A7 is updated, check out all camera modes on the devices and find a new one among them. Now it is so easy to record slow motion videos and get more experience with a new feature. A number of markets have already got an update check out whether your country is on the list.