Quad Rear Camera Module for the S10+: Myth or Reality?


Like other big fans of Samsung devices we can’t wait to see the true pics of the anticipated Galaxy S10+. A new portion of unofficial images has recently leaked online and left us confused for a while. Of course they are just suggestions about future design which seems not so impressive at first sight. An interesting thing is that fresh renders differ a lot from the ones that leaked online before. The information changes too quickly and it’s hard to understand what is going to be a true picture of the device.

Previously we expected to see the S10+ with triple rear camera module but now there is a possibility that device will get 4 rear camera as well as much thinner bezels. According to other sources only 5G version of Galaxy S10 will have quad rear camera.

Speaking about other features, it seems they remain the same. The smartphone will definitely come with an innovative Infinity-O display that has a hole in the active screen area. For some Galaxy fans this feature appears to be better than a notch. However, the real review will be possible only after official release.

So, which one of the pictures are true for the upcoming Samsung’s flagship? The only thing is evident no matter what the future smartphone looks like it will become a desirable device for great lovers of Samsung gadgets.