What to Expect from Samsung’s Foldable Handset


So many rumors concerning the first foldable smartphone from Samsung leak every day. The Korean giant has already unveiled the possible display for future device but the public still has no idea how the handset will look like. The true fans of Samsung devices expect that exclusive phone will be officially presented at the beginning of the next year. However, according to other sources, the company is just going to prove the availability of the smartphone at the mentioned period of time. It’s supposed that new foldable phone will have a limited edition; it means that only about 1 million devices will be produced.

This information has been officially confirmed by CEO of the Korean company. He has also noted that the desired handset will be released around the world but a total number of units will not top a million. We suppose it is because Samsung wants to avoid monetary losses in case the device doesn’t become popular among the consumers. It is still not clear whether the company will exceed this limit if the demand is growing. But if the rumors about its price are going to be true, not so many people will be ready to pay more than $2.000 for a foldable phone, just a few true fans of Samsung’s gadgets.

The handset will probably be aimed at well-paid professionals who are ready to appreciate functionality of the new device, especially for their work. It’s evident that such a big price won’t be paid just for entertainment. Anyway, let’s wait for official claims from the company in order not to provoke too many rumors.