5G Modem from Qualcomm Won’t Become a Part of Samsung Handsets


It seems that the whole world is waiting for an opportunity to finally use the innovative 5G network. The leading smartphone manufacturers have already started to develop devices that will be compatible with the mentioned network the next year. As it has been reported, Qualcomm is ready to provide a big number of manufacturers with its Snapdragon X50 that will become a main part of the future handset. The list of the companies that already collaborate with Qualcomm has appeared online and to a great surprise there hasn’t been any record of Samsung. So, it is evident that the Korean giant isn’t going to produce smartphones with 5G Snapdragon modem.

The development of Qualcomm’s product has been started about 2 years ago, and as it has become known the 5G-modem can provide 5 Gbps speed due to Multiple Input/Multiple Output or MIMO in the 28 GHz frequency band. The main aim is to reach a better data rate thanks to a big number of synchronous data transmissions.

Almost all popular smartphone manufacturers will use Qualcomm’s 5G modem; however such giants as Samsung and Apple are not on the board. Although both leaders use processors from the mentioned company, they don’t intend to continue their collaboration anymore. It is supposed that the main reason for the Korean company not to use Qualcomm’s product is that it has already developed its own Exynos9810 chip that comes together with innovative Cat.18LTE modem that has almost the same functionality as Snapdragon845. The mentioned Samsung’s modem is expected to appear with the anticipated Galaxy S9 and it is ready to download good speeds. So, taking into account this fact, we expect that the company will present its Exynos 5G that will be an important rival for Qualcomm’s one.

If to believe the information mentioned above, the new modem from the electronic giant will make a public appearance this year. It will be a great achievement for Samsung to use their own smartphone components and doesn’t rely on other companies.