Unique Patents That Can Be Used in Galaxy X Devices


There were a lot of talks about phones with foldable screen from Samsung. A company demonstrated various prototypes of flexible screens at different events. It is a pity, but this idea was not realized, though it is possible to purchase some devices with curved screens.

But, fans of new technologies will have a possibility to buy a mobile phone with foldable screen in the end of a year. Samsung is planning to produce such devices in order to satisfy its customers. There is information, that it will be Galaxy X and it will be a real breakthrough.

Short revision of some ideas from Samsung

Though a great number of consumers are waiting for Galaxy X, Samsung fills various patents on foldable phones and full screen devices. It is necessary to mention, that one thing is to fill a patent and a completely another is to release a product.

Let’s have a look at the most interesting patents filed by a Korean company.

Screens that can fold are simply ideal for various multi-window functions.

Multi Window UI can be used for phones camera, for making a video call. Images will have new proportions thanks to screens that can be folded.

Patent on a Smartphone that can be folded. It will be easy to use such a phone and a user can keep it even in a small pocket.

Full Screen phones using UX /UI might be also produced by Samsung in the nearest future. They will be a great choice for those, who can’t live without watching movies, recording videos and for busy people, who find it quite uncomfortable to check emails on smaller screens.

There are other interesting patents that are worth attention. But, again, let’s pay attention to the fact that not all ideas listed in patents become real and are used in the everyday life by millions.