Meet a Variety of Covers for the New Galaxy S9 and S9+


We have already written about the list of official covers for the upcoming S9 that has appeared online not so long ago. Besides the traditional cases for the S series smartphones there was a record of two absolutely new covers for the future flagship. Thanks to the leaked pictures of these very cases we understand that they are not just rumors. The consumers will be offered Hyperknit and Protective Standing Covers that were specially designed for Samsung’s S9 and S9+.

The Clearview Standing Cover that was initially designed for a failed Note7 and then released with the Galaxy S8, will be on board this time as well. The mentioned cover is extremely functional and can set up your smartphone as alarm clock or a traditional clock.

The LED View Cover is another great product from the Korean company that was launched for the S series flagships about 2 years ago. The future owners of the S9 and S9+ will definitely like the mentioned cover as it comes with a hidden display on the front panel that reflects the level of battery charging, time and some other notifications.

For the lovers of premium phone cases the company is going to offer a fantastic cover, made of Alcantara and that comes with a built in NFC chip. The accessory will be available for both S9 and S9+. Those who don’t like to stand out of a crowd, will definitely like traditional Silicon covers with silky surface.

As we have already mentioned, the Hyperknit cover is a new product from Samsung that has a unique texture and will match the casual style of its owner.

Those who want to provide their smartphones with even more protection should definitely choose new Protective Standing Cover that was tested in different extreme conditions and will guarantee an absolute safety for the device.

Of course, it’s not a full list of accessories that will be available for the upcoming flagships. More information will become available on the presentation day at the end of February. Those who would like to become the owners of official Samsung cover for S9 or S9+ would have to pay about $50 per item.