Aspect Ratio 16:10 in Galaxy Tab S4


List of GFXBench informs about a new device Galaxy Tab S4. A lot of specifications are not a secret any more thanks to benchmark. A display of a device will be 10.5 inches and its resolution -2560 per 1600 pixels. It means that an aspect ratio of a tablet will be 16:10 that is one step back to the past. Is it really so?

Back to initial aspect ratio?

You can find some information about the same model of tablet on another site- HTML5. It is a quite trustworthy website, so provided information is probably true. They don’t provide definite specifications of the device, they just hint that Galaxy Tab S4 will have an aspect ratio 16:10. Benchmark says that a new tablet will work on Android 8.0 and will have resolution 1280 per 800. Such resolution makes us think that data, provided by the site is doubtful. Maybe, real information has been masked. Benchmark list can be not true, there is always such a probability.

The first Galaxy Tab S devices had aspect ratio 16 : 10. They were launched in 2014. Then Samsung decided to change ratio and to make Galaxy Tab S2 and other devices with the more popular one- 4:3. It allowed competing with other popular brands. If Galaxy Tab S4 will really have aspect ratio 16:10 then it means that a company is returning to the past. At the present time, nobody knows a reason of such decision. A great number of tablets of premium class have ratio 4:3.

Note, that information provided by benchmark can be unreal. So don’t trust everything you find in the net.