Samsung’s Gear VR Provides Consumers with New Exciting Opportunities


It seems that Korean company will never stop to impress the consumers as it continues to offer amazing things in different spheres of life. This time Samsung has started collaboration with a company that offers indoor skydiving that takes place in the Benelux region. It is a kind of a new extreme experience that allows skydiving over different places, without taking any risks. This new kind of activity is placed in Roosendaal and gives an opportunity to reach the sky inside a wind tunnel. You may think that it’s a kind of traditional wind tunnel and nothing more, but actually it’s not so. Samsung has done it’s best to let the consumers get even more emotions with Gear VR that is aimed to bring some virtual reality features.

It will be absolutely unforgettable experience as you can choose the location where you would like to fall. As soon as you put on a helmet, you should also take the Gear VR and let instructors to start a video taken from a particular region so you could feel as you are really falling over Hawaii, Dubai and some other places that are already available. Although the list of locations is not pretty big yet, the developers claim that it will be added with new cities pretty soon. The virtual trip starts at 3.800 meters above the desired location and will definitely bring unbelievable emotions for the consumers. Actually it’s a great promotion of Samsung’s Gear VR, although it will be impossible to get this very kind of experience just sitting at home.