Improved QLED TVs from Samsung


Samsung represented their QLED TV lineup at a special event in New York that took place in the beginning of a week. A Korean company demonstrated several videos to provide information about development of their TVs. Samsung claims that their new TVs are impressive and are constantly improved. A demand on large TVs is growing with the every next year, so a company will produce more large screen TVs in 2018 in comparison with the last year.

A New lineup of QLED TVs will include more models with screens larger than 75 inches. Visuals in the represented models will be of the highest quality and will provide a perfect picture.

More than that new TVs will boast with better contrast ratio and depth. All models will include Direct Fully Array that will control brightness of an image. Technology Ultra Black Elite will make black colors even deeper and brighter on the screen; it will provide a sharper picture.

Samsung has also informed that all new models of TVs will include Bixby and a unique cloud solution that will connect various devices thanks to the only one cloud.

A new feature Ambient Mode will exist in 2018 lineup from Samsung. It will depict necessary information like weather or time on the TVs screen, even when nobody is watching it. A screen will become a part of an interior, not just a black screen. A Company underlined that one can use Ambient Mode all day round without any problems.

Divisions of Samsung are going to confirm a price for new QLED models on the every market. It will be possible to buy a new TV in the nearest future.