New Security Patch for Galaxy J1 mini prime


A Korean giant is providing a new security patch for Galaxy J mini prime. Samsung has a habit to provide security patches for inexpensive middle range devices at first and it happened in April too. Galaxy J1 mini prime is an affordable device and it is available only on definite markets. It is a first Smartphone that received this month’s update.

The fresh security patch provides seven corrections of errors, found in the OS Android and more than ten fixes of vulnerabilities of medium level of risk. There were also more than eight changes in software.

Samsung plans to provide a latest security patch on a territory of Russia and firmware will be updated over the air. So, if you are from Russia, you are a lucky one to receive the latest security update. If you don’t get it over the air, you can download it manually.

As it was mentioned, the electronic giant has a habit to provide security patches for inexpensive devices at first. So, there are assumptions that a next Smartphone that will get an Aprils SP will be Galaxy A device.

There are models, that haven’t got last month’s security patch. They will probably receive an Aprils one instead. So, don’t worry if you haven’t received March patch, wait for the Aprils one in about a week.