Samsung is going to Produce Smartphones in Bangladesh


Samsung plans to assemble Smartphones in Bangladesh starting from May. It is cooperating with a local company to produce 4G phones on the territory of Bangladesh. Manufacturing will begin in the middle of May and “Made in Bangladesh” devices will appear on the market in about two months.

Samsungs partner built a factory that is around 60 000 square feet. There will be several production lines with more than 450 workers and it is planned to manufacture several hundred Smartphones per month. It is reported that plant will be able to satisfy a demand on the local market.

Smartphones will cost less

A Korean giant will supply all necessary details to the local companions, teach employees and will organize a lot of checks in order to guarantee high quality of produced devices. Premium Smartphones will not be produced on the plant at first, but situation might change in the nearest future.

In 2017, Samsung imported around 25 percent of the total number of devices to Bangladesh. A Korean giant plans to reduce prices on Smartphones, thanks to local assembling.

The same situation happened in India. Samsung started producing Smartphones on the Indian market after raised taxes. Other manufacturers, like Apple, had to raise prices on their devices. Prices for Samsungs Smartphones remained the same.