Fresh Update for Gear S3


Samsung is constantly updating its devices and smartwatches are among them. A new update provided improved interface and features that will make watches even more attractive for users. It is a well-known fact that Samsung released almost the same update several months ago. There were a lot of complaints from users, because an update influenced life of a battery. It reduced per around 30 percent and it was a big shock for users. So, Samsung created one more update that appeared a little bit later and had to improve life of battery. Today one more update is rolling out and its main aim is to improve battery life. 

Fresh update for Gear S3

A fresh update improves not only battery’s life, but guarantees stable Bluetooth connection. It means that your Smartwatch will be easier and faster connected to your Smartphone. Install a fresh update and check how it influences life of the battery. It is known that an update will appear on the Canadian, US and Korean markets at first and then on the rest of markets in the nearest future. If you wish to know more about a new update and to know if it is available for you, then go to Gear application on your Smartphone.