Earphones Gear Icon X from Samsung Will Get Software Update


Samsung informed that its Gear IconX ear buds are receiving a main update of software today. At first, a Korean company provided updates for fitness trackers and its smartwatches. Now, it is providing update for Gear IconX that will contain unique features and some improved old ones.

Unique features include setting of equalizer that allow clients to choose from various presets and will allow users of IconX, who have Smartphones of other manufacturers, to change quality of audio. Thanks to the latest upgrade, users of earphones can change an amount of sound they want to hear while wearing earbuds and a special toggle can help to concentrate on outside voices (if you don’t know, mode Ambient Sound allows hearing outside human voices when you are listening to music in favorite IconX).

Thanks to an update, one can also send tracks to earbuds thanks to Bluetooth. Of course such transfer can be quite long, especially if you decide to send more than hundred tracks. It is a great feature, because you will not always have cables that can be used to transfer necessary data.

Fresh update for Icon X can be found in Gear Application from Samsung. Don’t forget to update an application itself.