Galaxy J7 Duo from Samsung will be Launched Soon


One could find information about numerous tests and certifications relating to Galaxy J device, it means that Samsung has plans to launch a new Smartphone in the nearest future. A Korean company is going to release not only Galaxy J8, but one more new phone Galaxy J7 Duo. J7 with two SIM cards will appear on several markets. It is possible to find a Smartphones manual on the official site of a company.

Galaxy J7 Duo a budget device from Samsung

There is no definite date of Galaxy J7 launching, but there are no doubts that it will happen soon. A device will run Oreo 8.0 from a box. It is possible to find firmware files in the net. There are assumptions that a device will appear in the end of April. Galaxy J7 Duo will appear on markets, where clients usually give preference to budget devices. The most popular are Turkish and Indian markets. A Smartphone will be released with a fresh security patch only in United Arab Emirates and Turkey, the rest of markets will get a device with the January’s security patch. It is be interesting to see how soon Samsung will provide a fresh SP for other countries.

Galaxy J7 Duo will run Oreo 8.0., have a fingerprint sensor, dual camera, processor Exynos 7884 and a battery that can be removed( its capacity is unclear at the moment). Other specifications are unknown. There is no definite info about price of a Smartphone, but it is known that it will be a budget device. Let’s wait till the official launching to know the rest of details.