Device with Number SM-G8850 will be Sold in China


It is not a secret that Samsung has a rather complicated situation on a Chinese market. Maybe that’s why it is going to launch one more device in China. It was spotted with the model number G8850 on a site TENAA. It will not be Galaxy S9 mini as it was expected, it will be a new version of Galaxy S9 made especially for Chinese users.

Design of a new device will have a lot in common with IPhone X in order to attract more consumers. Maybe, Samsung plans to return its leading position proposing one more fresh Smartphone with unique features and design.

Device with a flat screen for Chinese market

There will not be curved edges on G8850. A device will boast with a display that is 5.8 inch. One more peculiarity is that it will have another shape of a fingerprint sensor. It is not a secret that Galaxy S9 can be bought in China right now, So SM-G8850 might be a device, exclusively made for one of the biggest Chinese carriers. Let’s wait till the official launch to know more detailed info about a fresh handset.

A device with number SM-G8850 will run Oreo 8.0,will have dual rare cameras and a front 8 megapixel one. Capacity of a battery will be 3000 mAh. A new Smartphone will have a lot in common with the launched Galaxy S9, but it will boast with IPhone -like design. It is not a first time when Samsung is trying to copy Apples design in order to attract more clients. If this strategy works, why not to use it.