Fresh Galaxy J2 Pro on the Korean Market


Samsung made one more fresh Smartphone Galaxy J2 Pro that will be sold on the Korean market. It is a budget unique device, because a handset is without internet connectivity. A little bit strange? No, because this Smartphone will be simply perfect for people, who don’t wish to waste their time in the net and for adults, who don’t use various applications and simply consider them useless. It is a fact that modern mobile phones include a great number of applications that are rarely used by majority of people.

Galaxy J2 Pro is a simple device that can receive calls, send text messages and take photos, but there is no Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity. A Smartphone will boast with a display 5 inch, Random Access Memory 1,5 GB, battery that can be removed with capacity 2600mAh and two cameras, rare and front one. There is no info about OS of a phone, maybe it will be one more Android without applications from Google.

Galaxy J2 Pro will cost around 180 USD. A device will be available in two colors: black and gold. There is also a unique promotion, if a person purchases a new Smartphone from Samsung till June, he will get a complete refund of means if he buys one more device of A or S series after the end of examinations.

Maybe it is not a bad idea to manufacture Smartphone without internet connectivity. There are clients who simply don’t need it or who wish to limit their time, spent in the net.