Fresh Update for Galaxy A3


Samsung has rolled out updates for devices of Galaxy A series earlier this year. An update provides improvement of a camera thanks to some features that can be found on the fresh flagships from a Korean giant. Such Smartphones as Galaxy A5 and A7 has already got an update, so now, it is a high time for A3 to be updated too.

A Fresh update will add mode Selfie Focus, stickers AR and other camera features that will help to make perfect photos. Users have a chance to make their photographs more interesting and fun, adding cute AR stickers. Feature Selfie Focus allows taking photographs with the blurred background. It seems that such a feature is present in all fresh Smartphones. It is very pleasant to mention that company tries to upgrade older devices and to provide them with the newest features.

In order to save a leading position on the market, Samsung tries to update budget phones and to make them really attractive for users and for future customers.
A fresh update includes not only improved camera features, but a last month’s security patch. It is necessary to mention that such phones as A5 and A7 have already got Aprils security patch.

Note that a fresh update is available for owners of unlocked devices, owners of locked Galaxy A5 will have to wait a little bit longer.