Galaxy Note 8 Is Getting a New Update with the Security Patch


A fresh update of Oreo 8.0 for Galaxy Note 8 began around one month ago and it seems that all owners of Galaxy Note 8 have already received it. Samsung doesn’t plan to stop and is going to provide one more update with security fixes for this device. A fresh software update will appear in Iraq at first and then, it will be available on other markets in about several days.

Fresh security patch for Galaxy Note 8

There is a possibility that a new security patch will not appear on all markets. Samsung tries to provide updates for Note 8 once a month, but owners of this device is come countries may not receive an update every month. Samsung has a habit to skip one update in a definite region and then to provide next patch. To know if a new update is available in your region, simply go to Settings, then to menu Software Update. If you find it, don’t hesitate downloading a fresh update with the latest security patch.

It became known that Galaxy S9 is also getting this month’s security patch on Wednesday, so there is a hope that S8 will receive an update in the nearest future too.