Samsung Provided a List of Its TV Innovations


There are no doubts that Samsung is one of the leaders in manufacturing TVs and has occupied a leading position on the market for more than ten years. Samsung is the first on the worlds market, not looking at the main rival LG that also produces TVs of premium quality. A Korean giant had to work really hard and to propose a great number of innovations to stay number one in the world.

Samsung created a list where a company informed about all innovations in the world of TVs starting from 2006. It is necessary to mention that some innovations are simply marketing tricks.

Samsung created the first OLED TV

A Korean company started conquering the world in 2006, when it made The Bordeaux LCD TV. A company sold more than million units. In 2009 Samsung proposed a really thin TV, it was a LED TV with bright colors and ultra-high contrast images. 2010 was a very important year for Samsung too, because it made a first Smart TV. It allowed clients to use their TVs as computer screen. A Korean company also introduced the first curved TV, it happened in 2014. But one of the most important innovations is a first OLED TV that saw the world the first time in 2013. As you know, there was a pause in producing OLED devices, because a company was concentrated on manufacturing QLED ones. A main rival, LG continued proposing OLED devices and got really high profit. Samsung has plans to produce MicroLED TVs and one of such devices was demonstrated at CES in the beginning of this year. So, everyone will probably have a chance to purchase such TVs in the nearest future. MicroLED TVs are not available for buying at the moment.