Fresh Update for Galaxy S8 and S8+


Samsung is providing more and more updates for its flagship devices. Now a Korean giant is providing a fresh update for Galaxy S8 Smartphones. A Latest update contains not only security patches but improves cameras stability, work of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
Fresh update for Galaxy S8 and S8+

A new update for S8 and S8+ will roll out on the German market first. It will weigh around 560 MB. It was noted that devices that don’t have support Project Treble will receive rather big updates, even if they contain only the new security patch and no other improvements. As for this month’s security patch, it includes fixes for seven Android problems and eight found in Samsungs software.

If you wish to download the latest update just go to app Settings and then to menu Software Update, then choose Download updates. Or you can wait for the notification that your device is updated. But be patient, because it will take from one to two days. An update will appear step by step, so don’t be too frustrated if it is not available in your country at the moment.