Samsung Pay Will Become Available in South Africa


Samsung Pay is expanding its horizons and it will become available in South Africa in the beginning of summer 2018. This payment service is really comfortable and easy, that’s why it is widely used in many countries all over the world. Now, it is a high time for South Africans to appreciate advantages of this service. More than that, many users find Samsung Pay really fast and useful; it is one more reason why they give preference to handsets from a Korean giant. Samsung knows about a really high potential of its service that’s why it is trying to make it even more popular.

Had to be launched in 2017

Representative of Samsung, Sung Yoon informed that a unique mobile payment service will be launched in the South Africa in June 2018. There were some rumors about launching of this service last autumn, but it didn’t happen. A Korean giant had intensions to introduce Samsung Pay with the release of Galaxy Note 8 on the market, but it was not done due to some unknown reasons.

An official site of Samsung in South Africa claims that service will be launched soon and in order to use it, clients will have to own Galaxy handsets and compatible cards. There are many positive reviews about a mobile payment service, so it has to become really popular in one more market. Samsung Pay is expanding really fast and is conquering the world even faster than its rivals, products from Google and Apple.