Galaxy J3 will Receive an Aprils Security Patch


Samsung is going to provide a fresh security patch for one of its devices, it will be Galaxy J3. A Smartphone released in 2017 will get a latest update which will include the Aprils security patch. It is going to happen in Luxembourg and Netherlands.

There is no information about an update, but it is know that it will include the Aprils security patch. It is unclear at the moment, what fixes will be included into the latest update. There is a hope that Google will provide info about number of fixes on its site.

If an update for Galaxy J3 will contain the latest SP, it means that one more budget device from Samsung will receive a fresh SP even earlier than flagship Smartphones. There is a possibility that a next lucky owner of Aprils Security patch will be Galaxy A8 and flagship devices will have to wait till the end of next month.

If you live in Netherlands or Luxembourg, then try to download the last update on your Galaxy J3 that was released last year. To do it, go to Settings and find menu Software Update.