Samsungs Vice Chairman Lee Jae-young will Return to Work in April


It is not a secret that Samsung experienced a big scandal that took place in 2017. It was connected with bribes and corruption and led to really sad consequences. Two influential people went to jail, because they were charged on bribes.

A Heir of a Korean company Lee Jae-young was founded guilty and had to spend five years in a jail. Lee filed an appeal and was able to leave prison about a month ago. A court found him being a passive member of a scandal and stopped Lee’s prison sentence.

After a release from prison, Lee missed meeting of shareholders that takes place every year in Seoul. If to trust the latest report, he is going to return to work in April. He had to leave a country on business in the end of March and will return home in a month. A report also informs that Lee may visit Europe before his return to Korea. He might go to Asian countries but a schedule of trips may change. It is also known that Lee Jae-young has plans to meet several big IT companies to discuss some important questions concerning company’s growth and development.

Lee has plans to work from Seoul office and don’t want to participate in big public events for a definite period of time. He will be concentrated only on his work.