An Oreo Update for Unlocked Galaxy Note 8 on the US Market


An Oreo Update for unlocked Galaxy Note 8 finally appeared on the US market. It is not a secret that the biggest American carriers have already provided an update for Galaxy Note 8 and now it is a high time to provide it for unlocked devices.

A lot of reports confirmed that Samsung is providing an Android update for Note 8. If you live in the USA and have this device then you will get a fresh update over the air, if not, then you will have a chance to download it manually.

Update for unlocked Galaxy Note 8

Samsung informed last week that it would roll out a new Oreo for Note 8 on the American market in about a week or two. We witnessed that biggest carriers, that are Samsungs partners, have already provided an update last week. Now, it is a high time for unlocked devices to get it.

Though unlocked devices usually get updates earlier than locked ones, Samsung provided updates for locked phones first. A company explains it in such a way: they have to test a work of new update for a definite carrier, if it is a locked device. As for unlocked Smartphones, they have to be tested more thoroughly in order to guarantee a perfect functionality for various networks.

Owners of unlocked variants of Galaxy S8 haven’t received a latest update and they are on Nougat at the moment. Clients who own unlocked Galaxy Note 8 are luckier, because they can enjoy a fresh Oreo update.