Meet the New 8K QLED TVs from Samsung That Are Aimed to Hit the Market


Samsung isn’t just a popular smartphone manufacturer, but it’s a world-famous company that produces innovative TVs. Among the latest products released at CES 2019 the Korean giant has also presented 8K QLED TV lineup that includes the models of different sizes and even the TV with 98-inch display. That is the biggest model Samsung has ever produced. Alongside with a huge option there are also the models of a traditional size, including the TVs of 65, 75, 82 and 85 inches.

All the mentioned models come with Quantum Processor 8K chip that allows to improve the content from different sources to the desired 8K quality. That remains the main option of the TV so far as the native content for 8K models will become available only in few years.

A great benefit is an implemented virtual assistant that has got even more functions including the ability to understand the voice commands when it comes to controlling the content. It will become much easier for the user to find desired videos, movies and other with the help of Bixby. The Universal Guide based on AI chose the appropriate content taking into consideration the user’s preferences and early subscriptions.

Although the exact price for the new 8K QLED TVs is still unknown, it’s evident that they will be pretty expensive, especially the biggest models.