The Anticipated Gear S3 and Gear Sport Update Gets on Stock


The award-winning Gear S3 and Gear Sport have proved to be the number #1 choice for all fans of advanced wearables. Both appeared to be doubtless leaders in their class delivering topnotch capabilities to their owners. Starting from January 21, Gear S3 and Gear Sport will deliver even more enhanced users’ experience thanks to their recent update that has already rolled out across various markets.

A Better Way to Track Your Shape

The essential “Samsung Health” function got a new lease of life. It was updated to make it easier for Gear S3 and Gear Sport users to track their wellness. The new package will obviously make wearable devices even smarter than ever before containing 20 different exercises to keep fit indoors and outdoors.

Moreover, users can track their shape results based on 39 different workouts. The list of exercises on default contains eight exercises that are pretty easy to customize according to the user’s tastes and preferences. You can look through the list of workouts based on the level of succession. The results will be shown instantly after you are done with the workout. This fact ensures a more convenient and accurate way to track users’ wellness at a glance

The new update delivers a simpler technology of sleep notifications. You will appreciate a more detailed breakdown of the time you slept. Users will benefit from a closer look at weekly records, movement states or any other vital information you need when being awake.

User-Friendly Navigation

The new update makes iconic wearables much easier to access and navigate. Once you have accessed the Quick Panel, you will see all baseline settings and modes. Feel free to customize them in accordance with priority or preferences. You can customize the panel to make it display new icons for more effective interaction.

New Communication Features

From now, popular Samsung wearables are not just for keeping fit. They have been transformed into effective communication means with plenty of features and functions to benefit. You can use your smartwatches to create message drafts and send them from your smartphone as soon as you are finished with the workouts.

Moreover, updated wearables will support MMS and other types of multimedia content such as animated images. Feel free to chat with your friends. More than 1500 of emojis will turn your digital conversation into an endless entertainment. Choose any of your favorite smilies from 9 different categories and take the advantage of calling function available for Gear S3 users.