Samsung Is to Team Up with Apple for the First Ever Collaboration


You’ve heard it right! We might witness the end of the epic battle between two leading smartphone manufacturers. Both sides have officially confirmed their intention to team up and work together on the same project.

The main idea of such an unexpected collaboration is to teach iPhones talk to Smart TV. If everything works out, users will get a chance to get videos from their Apple phones into Samsung TV sets. It looks so kind of the South Korean giant to let Apple’s devices talk to its smart TV sets. It will help users to access a wide range of movies and shows provided by the American company.

In other words, you can benefit from all Apple TV features even if you do not have it. All you need is an iPhone and Smart TV, which will eventually get iTunes Movie and TV Shows application as the basic feature. We are witnessing the first ever effort made by two major rivals in the niche to team up on the TV market.

Samsung vice president Won-Jin said they were proud of such collaboration and appreciated a chance to work hand in hand with the world’s industry leader. Such step would certainly widen Smart TV capabilities.

On the other hand, Apple representatives claimed it would be idea for all iPhone and iPad users to benefit from extended Smart TV functionality with more content to deliver.