Samsung Welcomes It’s Best Smartphone Sellers


“Galaxy Stars Festa” is the major event for all South Korean manufacturer’s retail partners. Once a year, it brings best smartphone sellers and retail professionals from around the world to one place. The main mission of the gathering is to congratulate top scorers, highlight results, and celebrate Galaxy growing sales.

The event is taking place in Seoul from January 21 to 23. Samsung headquarters is giving a warm welcome to business partners and individual sale professionals through three days. Each guest was picked by the company’s experts judging by his or her selling track record, performance stats, interaction with the customers, and other vital characteristics that made a contribution to the revenue growth.

This year’s “Galaxy Stars Festa” will host 270+ professionals from sales points located in 45 different countries worldwide. The fest is divided into several parts including encouraging programs, experiential classes, and more. Moreover, all participants will have a chance to see the Samsung Innovation Museum with their own eyes. It depicts the manufacturer’s prior goals, fundamental values as well as plans for the future. Guest will be able to take part in professional workshops and classes.

The gala dinner is the culmination of the event. Special guests at the event include Samsung CEO and President DJs to express his gratefulness for the contribution made into the achievement of the global goal.

“Galaxy Stars Festa” has all chances to become a tradition. The company is planning to host the event on regular basis and welcome the superstar Galaxy sellers annually.