Samsung Is Getting Major Zoom Handicap after Acquiring Corephotonics


Samsung was reported to acquire and Israel-based zoom technology developer Corephotonics. The acquisition will ensure the company's leadership in the niche of dual-lens camera development. The South Korean manufacturing giant has already invested in the company before buying it off. Moreover, it was rumored to be the major investor in reference to the Israel brand.

Founded in 2012, Corephotonics has made a name for itself in the field of lossless zoom development for Opppo's 5X cameras and other devices. The company has also been reported to implement its zoom technologies when building 10X optical cameras that will be presented on MWC taking place in February.

According to some rumors, the deal has been officially signed last Monday featuring the reported value of $155 million. Both Samsung and Corephotonics representatives refused from any official statements regarding the acquisition.

Apart from successful collaboration with Oppo, Corephotonics had some struggles with Apple that claimed to copy the company's dual camera zoom technology implemented in iPhone. This fact looks rather contradictory, considering the fact that some other major investors apart the Korean giant include Foxconn - the manufacturer that produces Apple's smartphones. The acquisition will certainly affect the company's collaboration with other manufacturing brands especially when it comes to collaboration with Oppo. On the other hand, Samsung is very likely to get a major advantage on the market of optical zoom cameras in the nearest future.