Samsung Goes Green with Its Sustainable Package in 2019


Samsung is launchings its new sustainable package policy that refers to all devices produced by the South Korean manufacturer. They include packages for smartphones, TV sets, and home appliance. The main mission is to contribute to the environmental protection and fight 8 million tons of plastic that annually end up in the world’s ocean.

The global “plastic” situation looks terrifying. Starting from the 1950s, consumers are looking to a plastic resolution almost to everything. 8.3 billion tons of plastic packages have been produced over the years. The most frightening thing is that only 1% of that volume came from renewable resources. The crisis has gone too far.

For this reason, the leading electronics manufacturer decided to team up with governmental institutions and organizations that have successfully implemented practices of using sustainable packaging for different products in an effort to reduce the volume of plastic waste and consumption.

We have already informed our readers regarding Samsung initiatives to replace traditional packaging into more sustainable formats. The first steps were made with the introduction of the company’s new laptops series back in 2018. Starting from, the manufacturer will implement the same sustainable strategy for all devices and gadgets it produces including smartphones, TVs and home appliance. It will use advanced materials that do not contain wooden fibers sugarcane residue. The company will use recycled materials instead such as recycled bags, papers, bio-based plastic, etc.