Android Pie Beta Is Being Rolled out for Other Samsung’s Smartphones


It seems we have good news for the owners of Galaxy S8 and Note8. It’s likely that Samsung is going to present beta Pie for the mentioned smartphones. The current flagship Note 9 has already got the final beta version and now it’s time for the predecessors. Although the beta versions may still have some errors, most users are happy to be the first to test the new update.

The information about upcoming Android Pie beta for Note 8, S8 and its plus-sized version isn’t proved yet, but it is evident that software versions G950FXXU4ZSA1, G955FXXU4ZSA1, and N950FXXU5ZSA1 respectively are being tested for the mentioned smartphones. We are not sure when Samsung will launch the beta exactly but it’s likely to happen in a number of markets including the UK, India, the USA, Germany and of course the home country of the company. The beta version for S9 and Note 9 has been presented in these very regions as well. Traditionally, the S-series smartphones are the first to get the upcoming update but according to the reports, there is a possibility that this time Note 8 will be the first to get Android Pie beta in the markets mentioned above.

However, they are still our suggestions and we just have to wait for Samsung’s notification that the program is already available.