Samsung Is Ready to Release Three Different Monitors that Are Likely to Conquer the World Market


This year the Korean giant has decided to impress the consumers not only with new models of smartphones, it also releases three different kinds of monitors that can be chosen depending on particular needs. The Space monitor will be to the taste of users who prefer minimalist and stylish devices. The CRG9 will be a perfect choice for gamers due to its massive and curved design. Those who are looking for fantastic picture and want to enjoy every detail while watching movies or just surfing the web should better choose 4K UR69C.

The last two models are typical for Samsung as previously they made an emphasis on big gaming monitors, while the Space one is something different. It’s an incredibly compact and user-friendly product that won’t occupy much space on your table due to fully integrated arm and the ability to be placed flat against the wall when is not used. What is more, this very monitor will be available in two sizes of 27 and 32 inches, with QHD or 4K UHD.

The true gamers will definitely appreciate the new super-wide CRG9 monitor of 49 inches with extremely high resolution. It possesses all the features that are really important for gaming experience, including 120 GHz refresh rate, 4 ms of response time and of course AMD Radeon Free Sync 2HDR support so you may absolutely forget about screen tearing and stuttering. There is a special so-called Picture by Picture option that gives an opportunity to broadcast 2 different videos on the screen at the same time.

Well, the best ever monitor for those who appreciate bright colors of video content will be the UR59C. The curved 4K UHD device that has the size of 32 inches can boast with excellent functionality as well as modern and stylish design.

All three models of new monitors will be presented at CES 2019 that will take place in the USA the next month.